Sporadic no video on startup


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I have a Dreamcast with a DCDigital (firmware 4.9). When the Dreamcast has been powered on for awhile and I power it off, sometimes the DCDigital doesn’t output video or join WiFi when I turn on the Dreamcast again (if I wait about 5-10 seconds to power it back on). When this happens, the Dreamcast is working fine and outputs composite video ok. If I quickly power the console off and on again (only wait one second), the DCDigital works. The DCDigital was professionally installed and shows all hearts too. The DCDigital always works on a cold boot when I leave it off overnight and power it on.

I thought this might be a power issue and switched to a picoPSU and it has the same behavior.

1. This is normal and sometimes the DCDigital needs to cool down.
2. The Dreamcast might need a capacitor replaced on the motherboard.

Any thoughts or advice?
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