SOLVED - SD extension cables don't work


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GCLoader won't work with an SD extension
cable. I've tried 2 different GCLoader's and 3 different extension cables, all on the same console. It works when the card is plugged directly into the GCLoader socket. I've tested all the extension cables on my PC with no problem.

I get a system error from the console when using the extension cable (can't access menu, have to restart), and the GCLoader's LED patterns are different, but it boots normally with card directly plugged into socket, Swiss loads, games launch, etc..

Additional details:
I'm using a retro-bit Prism for gc-video.
Samsung 256GB micro-SD with Samsung adapter. FAT32
2 of the extension cables are from Laser Bear kits (still generic), 1 purchased from AliExpress.
Console has been disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, otherwise works fine without cable extension.
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