Pixel FX PS1Digital Mod - unable to lock video resolution


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I have just installed the RetroGem on a PS1 with a XStation. It’s like the RetroGem is having issues with certain resolutions but will work fine with others. This is the second unit that I have done and this issue does not happen on my other unit. Both units has the clock mod.

I have swapped the PS1Digital from the good unit to this one and the same issue happens. I placed the (bad)PS1Digital in my good unit and the issue does not happen. So I can eliminate the thought that the PS1Digital is bad. I have also done the same with the power supply.

The issue is also seen on the ps1 boot up and memory screen.

I have also removed the main flex cable from the motherboard and checked all the pins and reflowed them. I then installed a new flex cable and the same issue continues. I noticed when turning on the scan lines you can also see a weird issue. If anyone has any thoughts please let me know because I do not know what else to try.

Here are a few videos on this issue