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Not sure how to title this but here is my issue.

  1. A sales rep creates an opportunity.
  2. They add 5 products to the opportunity.
  3. They create a 'Demo' (Custom object).
  4. Account support pick up the demo records and create demo accounts for each product.
All good so far. But the complexity is that they might not want to demo all five products. One the customer might not be interested in, two they already have, so actually it's just three products they need demo details for. Salesforce ecommerce solutions Currently the sales rep have a field called 'Demo Products' and manually types what products they need accounts for. This is a bit manual but also not very good for reporting. So we also can't easily report on what products people have trialled - because say they sell one product, before moving to invoice we remove all the unsold products.

Can anyone think of a solution for this? So it's both clear what products are being demoed? And also so we can eaisly run reports to see which products had demos?

Thanks for any help.
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