GCDual stopped working


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I installed everything and it was working perfectly until it randomly stopped outputting everything through HDMI. Both the multi and digital outs still work. The led on the board flashes twice (once bright then once dim) when I turn it on but doesn't flash again. Did I ruin the board?


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Try reflashing the board and reflowing all your connections. The hookup board can be finicky at times. Just a small mis alignment can cause a short between adjacent pins. Set your multimeter to continuity and check every pin.
Remove/de-solder the mainboard first and use the attached file the cross reference the pins.



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Definitely try reflowing all points. I had a similar issue on a new install, and used my desolder gun to remove all solder, and started over again. With all the points resoldered, I get video; still trying to determine the no audio issue though.