Working DCDigital install, but no composite video


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Hello everyone, I have finally gotten around to installing my DCDigital that I've been sitting on since 2019. I have to say, the results are spectacular. The HDMI video is clean, all pins are hearts and the sound isn't distorted. Figured the install was complete, but I have only audio coming out of the AV port. I've been reflowing the pins on the video IC but still have no composite video.

The AV composite was working prior to the install, but it could be a setting I'm overlooking. I have it set to "Cable Select" but that doesn't seem to change the result. I have tested the continuity on all pins for bridging, tested continuity between the resistor block and the IC legs near CSYNC/HSYNC/etc., tested continuity from the flex cable pads for R610 & R609 to pins 6/7 on the AV out. I am at a bit of a loss to what is preventing composite over AV.

Like I said, the HDMI output is stable, crisp correct colors, and the audio is clean.

Anyone else not have Composite video after install?

EDIT: GDEMU says video mode is VGA. Might by why composite video is disabled. Will test my VGA box and post results.
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