Wii Dual - No audio over component?


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I've done two Wii Dual installs, and my first went off without a hitch, even with some minor complications (burnt the flex a little, woops). The second install went about as well as I could hope. Solder joints are all strong, I used lead-free solder, tested continuity on the connections on the board and the relevant pinouts on the AV multi out. But for some reason, I'm not getting any audio over component, just a slight hiss if I turn my volume up enough, though that may just be normal analog hiss.

Strangely, HDMI audio and video works with no problems, same with component video the issue is only with component audio. I tested with two types of component cables and a Wii2HDMI adapter to be sure, and there is no obvious damage to the Wii Dual board or the multi out.

Is there anywhere else I should test, or anything else I should look for?