What is Volcarona biggest weakness?


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Being a rare dual Bug/Fire-type Pokémon, Volcarona faces threats from certain attacks. Some of its greatest challenges include:

  • Rock-type moves which deal very effective damage due to Bug weakness.
  • Water moves also leverage Bug weakness to potentially KO Volcarona quickly.
  • Flying attacks use their same type advantage bonus against the Bug typing of Volcarona for high damage.
Source: https://larvesta.com/volcarona/


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Volcarona's biggest weakness is its double weakness to Rock-type moves due to its Bug/Fire typing. This makes it extremely vulnerable to Rock-type attacks, which deal four times the normal damage. Stealth Rock also poses a significant threat, as it can strip away half of Volcarona's health upon switching in. To mitigate this weakness, consider using Rapid Spin or Defog support to remove Stealth Rock from your side of the field. Additionally, be cautious of Rock-type Pokémon and moves when planning your strategy, and utilize Volcarona's strengths, such as its high Special Attack and Quiver Dance, to outmaneuver opponents.

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