Specific game crashing with DCdigital installed.


New member
I have 2 Dreamcasts, one modded with DCHDMI and 1 unmodded, both worked perfectly on all of my games(GDroms, CD rom pressed disks and CDRs) prior to installing the DCDigital, but now my DCdigital modded dreamcast can't play Ready2Rumble, the rest of my games all work perfectly, the disc still runs fine on my other dreamcast, but on the DCdigital modded dreamcast it will load the game just fine but will start audio skipping and completely lockup after about 5 minutes forcing me to reset the Dreamcast. I even tried swapping out the GDroms between the dreamcasts and the issue persists on the DCdigital modded console, which leads me to believe it is the DCdigital causing the problem. Has anyone else ran into any issues like this, could it be a firmware issue?


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