Pulsing light, no test pattern


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When I power on the playstation, I get a pulsing light on the PS1Digital, but no HDMI output signal.

I tested with my multi-meter on the ps1 digital, I get 3.3V and between 4.8-4.9V on the 5V line (is that within tolerance?).
Analog audio and video work correctly.

I was not able to get the test pattern to appear. I had the HDMI connected, powered on, and held down the reset button. I tried a couple of different HDMI cables and TVs that are otherwise working, but I still didn't ever see the test pattern.

Thoughts on where to look next? Thanks.


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The board looks ok. All of the PS1 boards were booted up prior to packing. So I guess its possible something has a weak connection. If you wiggle the hdmi cable nothing changes?

If that doesn't help send me a message through my webstore with your order number.


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I still can't get the test pattern to show on my display. Maybe my displays just don't like that signal.

I touched up the hsync and vsync pins on the GPU flex and the 5V pin on the audio flex, and I'm getting video and audio through HDMI now.

The colors are off through HDMI. I'm getting too much green:

However, if I press the GPU cable slightly, it looks normal:

Analog video is normal.

Any predictions on what is most likely wrong? Would too much green be an indication of an Intermittent connection or intermittent short on one of the G pins?

I'm having trouble isolating it with my multi-meter because I think I'm moving it into the good position as I'm poking around with my probes. I haven't found any shorts on adjacent GPU pins, and I haven't found any disconnects between GPU pins and the flex cable.

I'm hoping to narrow down the problem region before I try to rework more of the flex cable.


Are you able to bring up the OSD? You could load a game with an opening FMV and check the hearts which correspond to pins on the GPU.


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Thanks for that suggestion. I was able to bring up the OSD.


I think my problem was that I was looking for a single pin that had a poor connection, not 12. I reworked those pins, and it is looking good: