PS1 digital stopped working


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Hello guys

This has not been my lucky weekend. I successfully finished assembling the mod, with audio and video OK. Then I proceeded to put the wifi antenna and the rest of the metal covers. However, when I reassembled the console, the audio was gone. Then, when i was disassembling it again, the antenna connector accidentally touched the WiFi chip (ESP32) and the console stopped transmitting video. A fuse blew, which I replaced. Also discovered that the audio flex had been disconnected. Now console gives analog video and audio, but there is no HDMI video.

PS1 digital board turns on blue led light, but with a pulsating pattern
measured voltage with console turned on, 3,3v seems right, 5v however is very low
checking continuity on 3v makes a short beep, on 5v makes no response at all

if someone can point me in the right direccion i'll be grateful



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Nevermind, i also detected that GPU and sound ribbon cables are partially dead. I'll try with new ones and i'll keep you posted