Problems with PU18 -PU20 without audio


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Dear, I tell you, I installed ps1 digital and xstation in my pu-18 (scph7501) and PU-20 (5501), both American consoles. at the time of installation I have no audio but video. The installation was completely revised with a tester where the audio dac is located and it does not play through HDMI but through the AV output.

If you can help me with this since I have tried with 2 boards with the same result, I am afraid that the ps1 digital device is with problems



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Could you take a more zoomed in pic of what’s happening at the audio DAC? It’s a little hard to see how all those wires are soldered.

I notice you’re using the audio flex in tandem? Sometimes those lose continuity when pressure, such as folding, is applied to them.