No video on HDMI composite works


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If anyone can help me with this issue I would really appreciate it. I installed the dcdigital and am getting no video through hdmi, though composite works fine. The led is solid and glows when no hdmi cable is inserted like its supposed to. If I hit L+R+Y+B+Start I get a flash of the image and sound and then it goes out again. I ordered a second flex cable and tried it on a second dreamcast and am getting the exact same problem. Starting to think my dcdigital might be faulty?

Things I've tried:
-Reflowing flex
-3 different tvs
-second hdmi cable
-holding down on startup
-holding up on startup
-the blind OSD setting thing mentioned on the guide

I am using a Noctua fan mod, picopsu, and gdemu clone. No wire is attached to OPT on dcdigital. It is generating a wifi access point. If someone could help me with this, It's driving me crazy trying to troubleshoot this thing!