Messed up installation


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I think I messed up my installation and ruined a perfectly fine Dreamcast. Controller port A is not working anymore, the others do work, and all the blacks are messed up, there are blue vertical stripes visible in on all black surfaces. The sound and the rest of the picture is ok. I can't get the OSD to show up, is this only possible from port A? I tested for bridges on the video chip, I can't find any. I checked the wires going to 601, 602 and reset. The reset wire is soldered to the resistor next to the testpad, the testpad went to my soldering iron.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If only the controller port would work again, that would be great.

Blue stripes visible
Picture quality ok. My camera isn't the best, so the static is not visible on the screen.
Blue stripes only visible in black surface
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Changed out the fuse resistor and changed the pad wires to a bigger gauge wire. But nothing changed.


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Is there a way the DChdmi installation has anything to do with the port not working? Is there a connection I could check?


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