Is the SD port on my GC Loader damaged?


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Edit: Extrems let me know on Reddit that I’m using the wrong kind of SD card (GCLoader doesn’t support SDSC cards atm- need a 4gb+ SDHC card). Also- after looking at Rocker Gaming’s main GC Loader vid- his SD slot looks the same as mine so it’s not damaged.

Photos here
It looks to me like the card should sit further in on one side so the back of it is parallel with the edge of the PCB... I can’t tell if the white plastic clip should be unevenly situated as it is... my GC Loader isn’t booting into Swiss.. I tried the classic method with renaming an ISO file (checked for “show extensions” and proper naming) and I also tried the boot.ISO in the GCLoader folder as well as extracting either ISOs inside the card’s root directory.

I also couldn’t get this card to work as an SDGecko so it might be the card.
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