Guide to Export Yahoo Emails to Desktop / Hard Drive


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Get Mailsbackup Yahoo Backup Tool to backup Yahoo email accounts folder to hard drive, PC or webmail. It easily download Yahoo Mail emails to 30+ saving options to take backup of Yahoo email account. Users can migrate Yahoo emails to Outlook, Gmail,, Office 365, Exchange Server, etc.

Step-by-Step Guide to Export & Save Yahoo Emails to Desktop / Hard Drive

1. To store Yahoo emails to a hard drive, launch the Yahoo Backup Software.
2. Select Yahoo Mail and provide your login information.
3. From the 30+ possibilities under Select Saving Option, select the necessary saving option.
4. Then, choose the necessary Yahoo Mail Folders.
5. Configure the language, file name convention, and desired saving location.
6. Selecting Advance Settings to Extract Selected Yahoo Folders is an additional option.
7. To copy Yahoo emails to a local PC, click the Backup button.

Yahoo emails can be exported to a desktop or hard drive using manual and expert solutions. There are various manual solutions available, but the two best ones are:
1. Configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook and save Yahoo emails using the Import & Export option
2. Download Yahoo emails to a hard drive using the Print Option
Both the manual solutions help users save their Yahoo emails to a hard drive. However, these solutions have certain limitations such as the risk of data loss, being time-consuming, complicated for novice users, etc. To avoid such limitations, it is suggested to use an expert solution that makes the process easy for novice users. The Sysinfo Yahoo Backup Tool is an advanced utility for quick and secure backup of Yahoo Mailbox. Its additional features help users in creating backups according to their requirements. This utility can backup Yahoo emails in bulk without any data loss. Also, it allows users to manage their email attachments by excluding or saving them separately.