GCDual no audio through HDMI


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It took a few tries, but I finally got my GCDual to output video through HDMI. However, I don't get any audio. I get both audio and video out of the analog and digital ports. I checked the troubleshooting section of the guide and tested the LRCK, ADAT, and BCLK points, reflowed the solder, and made sure there was a good connection and still no audio through HDMI. What could I have done wrong? Did I ruin the board by soldering and desoldering so many times?


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I had the same problem. I found a review on castlemania games that said the digital audio is disabled out of the box. Go to the OSD (LB RB X Y) I have to hold down for 2 sec. to get menu. Choose output options and turn enhanced DVI setting to on. You should have audio now.


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What if Enhanced DVI mode doesn't fix the no audio issue? That's where I am at currently. LRCK, ADAT, and BCLK points are confirmed good.