Controllers no longer working


New member
After trying my hand at installing the DCDigital I wasn't getting a video signal, but my controller would turn on, it would beep to tell me the VMU battery is dead and I saw the VMU screen turn on. So it was working at some point. I just went back once to make I guess reflow the solder connections. Made sure there was no bridges. Not sure what I did differently but after that my controller stopped turning on. Then I noticed when plugged in it would shut down the Dreamcast. I kept taking it apart to see what could be causing it and even took out and disconnected the flex cable. The Dreamcast doesn't shut down anymore when the controller is plugged in but its still not working. I'm still getting a composite signal I should add. Any ideas? I would like to get another flex cable but I'm thinking I might have messed up my Dreamcast. Any help would be appreciated!