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    Pro tips: Post here!

    Second tip: Inspect the GPU flex with magnification before you attempt to install. A bad pull from the sheet can result in the castellations being removed with the rest of the annular ring from the vias that form the castellations. These are easy to correct. You just insert the needle into each...
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    Pro tips: Post here!

    I’ll get the ball started… The audio flex can be fragile, so you may want to test the rest of your install separately/first. This puts less wear and tear on it if you have to troubleshoot or install additional mods. The issue is that PS1Digital needs 5V and gets that from the audio flex. To test...
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    PSA: Mistake in installation guide can damage PS1Digitals

    Just found where I noted a couple more errors last year: The guide says to check for shorts on the test point before it tells you to connect the flex cables. Obviously, this will only tell you if the PS1Digital is internally shorted and will not reveal any bridges from your soldering. The...
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    No audio

    That has been my experience. I mean, the GPU flex is supposed to be the hard part, right? ;) well, in dozens of installs I haven’t failed a single one of those and yet I have a pile of bad audio flexes. Heck, I even saw a particularly notable rockstar modder deal with a return due to bad audio...
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    No audio

    Here is a quick clip of what worked for me: I had done several manual bypasses for the easier stuff like 5v or LRCK, but this is the catch-all solution and a way to avoid soldering to the back of the audio flex connector on the PS1Digital. The 4-layer PCB means we can’t easily trace out good...
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    Continuity on audio ffc

    There are 3x pins with 5v on the audio IC. Pins 2 and 4 are on either side of ground (pin 3) so watch for shorts there. I know it skips a couple pins before you find 5v again so pin 7 sounds right.
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    HDMI link but black screen output only

    In one install I lost continuity through the via on the edge of the board (CD limit switch) even though it had continuity to other places connected directly on the same side. It should also have continuity to the chip above after going through a jumper trace on the top side. If you don’t have...
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    CDROM drive not working

    Maybe time for an Xstation? ;) It’s easy to accidentally touch the laser when disassembling/reassembling so definitely give it a clean. Also, the PS1Digital is a bit of extra load which can sometimes manifest problems if a marginal PSU is pushed past the tipping point. You might start to see...
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    PS1 Digital Board not power on

    If you flood it with flux and reflow the outside then heat should conduct through and retract solder onto the pads, but that may not be what we are looking at here. I have seen cases where people have shifted a GPU pin off the pad on an N64 and the pad is so thick that the leg catches the side...
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    PS1Digital Solid Light No Signal

    I had the exact same experience with ground vias near the chip invisibly shorting to a pad underneath, but my issue was the audio IC/audio flex. I also had to remove the flex and use kapton. I also had the flex fail (broken traces inside) after all the troubleshooting. Unfortunatly, my...
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    Incomplete test signals - but appears to work fine

    It will probably cause color banding from reduced colors in high-color mode images (some FMVs).
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    No audio

    10P 0.5mm FFC/FPC breakout with an appropriate 10P cable would facilitate connecting to these alternate points on a PU-18:
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    A few suggestions for the install guide

    The official install guide tells you to check for shorts between power and ground using test points on the PS1Digital board. Unfortunately, it tells you to do this just before you connect the board to the console, which would only tell you if it’s shorted to internally on the PS1Digital and not...