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  1. Pink Skelly

    Garbled screen on HDMI, VGA is fine

    I’m unsure if it would cause the issue you have but many of those pins on the flex appear to have very little solder on them. If it was me, I would go over each of those points with a bit more solder or at the very least check for continuity between the chips and the flex points. I suppose...
  2. Pink Skelly

    All 3.3s to GNDs shorted? No PWR LED and PSU "clicks"

    Can you provide some detailed photos of the installation? It sounds likely to be a short to ground somewhere and pics may help narrow it down, but a multimeter will be your best bet in narrowing it down.
  3. Pink Skelly

    DCdigital worked fine, then force VGA mode started to duplicate the screen and display it on the tv twice.

    I would reach out to the installer about the issue and have them check the flex cable. It sounds like thermal expansion caused the issue after the console warmed up. It’s likely related to pins 6 and 7 on the flex or the component nearby on the flex.
  4. Pink Skelly

    New here and a slight video issue

    Sounds like you have the video mode set to “cable detect,” try switching to “force vga” and you should see a difference.
  5. Pink Skelly

    Troubleshooting dead board with multiple shorts

    Yeah I confirmed the fan is connected correctly, I’m testing for shorts against my known working test board and seeing inconsistencies when comparing with that board.
  6. Pink Skelly

    Troubleshooting dead board with multiple shorts

    Hello, I’m an installer who’s done upwards of 40 DCHDMI/DCDigital installs, and I’ve encountered something strange with a unit that I installed. Everything tested fine and passed my 6 hour stress test, only to arrive with the customer and not be functioning. Specifically, the console turns on...