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    Update firmware without wifi?

    Do you have a guide for updating firmware without going through wifi? Since I can't access the OSD, I can't setup the wifi or do anything with my unit. My hope is updating the firmware will fix it.
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    Can't get to the OSD menu

    Alright, what can I do next to troubleshoot this? I've come back to it two months later and I'm still at the same spot. No OSD. No hearts. Nothing. Video and audio works. I can see the wifi access point but have never connected it to a network since I've never gotten to the OSD. I do have a...
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    Can't get to the OSD menu

    Sorry about taking so long to respond. I spent my winter break visiting parents. The AP isn't setup yet because I can't get to the OSD menu. I tried waiting a couple minutes but it still won't work. I originally soldered the wires and the menu wouldn't work for me. I had my mom go over and...
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    Can't get to the OSD menu

    I installed my DCHDMI and have working video and audio through hdmi. The controller works with games. The problem is I can't get to the menu. Left Trigger + Right Trigger + X + A + Start does nothing. I have P1 to R601, P2 to R602, RST to test point, and OPT to nowhere. I checked the continuity...